How to Integrate with Addressable

In this article you will learn how to Integrate your Parsey account with Addressable in order to send hand-written letters to customers.

Step 1: Configure an Email or Webhook Flow

If you are wanting to send a letter to a recipient whose information is contained within an email, use this article to learn how to start an email flow. If you are wanting to send a letter to a recipient whose information is contained within a webhook, use this article to learn how to start a webhook flow.

The bare minimum information you will need to pull from your email or webhook is below:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code

You may also wish to pull out more personal information to use in customizing your letter.

Step 2: Connect to and Configure Addressable

Once you have configured your email or webhook flow to extract contact information, you can now add Addressable as an Action to the flow. On the Actions page of the flow, click the Addressable icon.

Arrow pointing to Addressable Icon

Click Connect to an Addressable Account.

Button to connect addresable

Enter a Label, your Addressable account information, and API Token. Click save once you are done. If you don't know how to find your API Token, use this article here.

Label, account info, and API Key

Recipient Address

Use the fields you extracted from your email or webhook to select the name and address information for the recipient.

Recipeint and address fields


Here you can select the Cover Art, the From Team Member, and compose your message.

Letter settings

Return Address

Enter the information for the return address.

Return Address information

Once you have finished with the steps above, click Save at the bottom.

Save at the bottom

Step 3: Activate your Addressable Action

Go back to the top of the page, and click Back to Actions.

back to actions button

Toggle yoru Addressable action from OFF to ON.

Toggle from OFF to ON

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