Need a sandwich at 2am?
You got it. Parsey works for you around the clock.


Reduce Manual Work

Time is the most precious asset we have in our business. What’s your time worth? What’s your team’s time worth? Ditch the manual work computers are capable of doing and use that newfound time on activities only humans can perform.

Eliminate Errors

Manual data entry isn’t just costly, it almost always comes with mistakes and typos. That may result in you calling Tim, Tom #embarrassing. Or worse, you may not be able to reach the proper email or phone number at all. Parsey gets it right 100% of the time.

A Single Source of Truth

64% of businesses are using cloud apps, with an average of 13 apps per business. Parsey allows you to easily update your CRM or core platform by tagging or notating contacts regarding events that occurred or were originally recorded in another app.

Speed to Lead

Conversion rates are typically higher when leads are contacted immediately. Speed to Lead refers to the amount of time it takes from the moment a lead expresses interest and provides their information, to the earliest moment you contact the lead.

Follow-up Like a Boss

Follow-up is the key to sales success and great customer service. Parsey allows you to easily send emails, SMS, voice messages, notes and more by connecting the apps you already use to platforms that specialize in follow-up.

Scale for Growth

Parsey has already saved businesses over 2.5 million hours of manual work. Whether your company is large or small, Parsey will help your team do more with less.