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If you're reading this, it's likely because you currently receive leads or other types of notifications via email. Gone are the days of copying the info contained in the email and pasting it into your CRM or Marketing Automation Software.

Let us 'parse' the desired data from your emails instantly, then send it where ever you want. If you'd like us to perform a bit of magic on the data before we run automated actions in your platform of choice, we can do that too.


With more and more lead providers and shopping carts making advances in their platforms, webhooks stand as extremely powerful, instant notification mechanisms. If you receive your data via webhooks, we can parse it from those as well.

Parsey can be configured to work with any email or webhook format and can be set up with in minutes. Not only will you save time and money by ditching the manual data entry, you'll do more with your data than you ever thought possible.

Infusionsoft Integration

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Business Use Cases for Parsey

3<sup>rd</sup> Party Shopping Carts 3rd Party Shopping Carts

Process orders through ClickBank, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Stripe, or any other cart of your choice. Configure the platform of your choice to post data to Parsey (usually via a webhook) at the time of the transaction, and Parsey will create an order in Infusionsoft and queue any automation you desire.

Leads and Data Entry Leads and Data Entry

Realtors, Insurance Agents and many other businesses receive their leads from platforms that don’t allow them to embed their own Infusionsoft webform. In those instances, the lead generation site emails the lead info to Parsey, and Parsey creates the contact in Infusionsoft and starts a campaign.

Appointment Schedulers Appointment Schedulers

Integrate your online appointment scheduling software like TimeTrade, Bookeo, Calendly or any others to automate this time consuming task. Drip content with calls to action to schedule an appointment and immediate stop the sequence when they finally schedule with you and start a new sequence.

eSignature Platforms eSignature Platforms

Incorporate eSignature platforms like EchoSign, DocuSign, Right Signature and others with your Infusionsoft funnels. Initiate automation any time a document is viewed or signed. Store a link to the signed agreement or upload a copy of it to the contact record’s filebox.

Inbox Integration Inbox Integration

A lot of conversations are exchanged outside of Infusionsoft to contacts that are inside of Infusionsoft. Whether you’re looking to log an outbound email or an inbound email, Parsey updates Infusionsoft, providing a complete view beyond batch and campaign emails.

Split Testing Split Testing

Finally, you can easily clone campaigns or sequences with in campaigns and split the traffic you send down each path to determine which one converts best. Parsey users are fine tuning their “money campaigns” to produce more revenue month over month.

Multi-Media Communication Multi-Media Communication

Send text-to-speech or pre-recorded voice messages to prospects and customers. Use SMS messages to boost attendance rates of webinars, appointments and other events. Send text messages to your internal staff each time you receive a new lead or order.

Live Chat Live Chat

Live chat applications are great tools for quickly addressing sales inquiries and answering smaller customer service requests. While a copy of the chat usually is mailed to the agent assigned to it, Parsey copies the chat to the contact record so all users have access to the chat details.

Help Desk Help Desk

Any company that fields customer service inquiries that take longer than a few minutes to resolve ought to be using some type of Help Desk software. Parsey brings all of the conversations into Infusionsoft, giving all users the ability to view the details and responses to service tickets.

Online Surveys Online Surveys

Surveys keep your ear to the ground by providing invaluable feedback and insight into the experiences your prospects and customers are having with your organization. Whether you’re using FluidSurveys, Survey Gizmo, Survey Monkey or any survey platform, Parsey will send the results into Infusionsoft and allow you to take dynamic action based on responses received.

Form Builders Form Builders

It’s no secret that there are some really nice form builders out there that create professional looking webforms with robust functionality and field types. Parsey has allowed users of WuFoo, Jotforms and Gravity Forms to deeply integrate the information captured with Infusionsoft and apply tags dynamically for data points that you may not wish to store in custom fields.

Additional Automation Additional Automation

Have you ever wanted to automatically create a dynamic company record, opportunity record or note based on data outside of Infusionsoft? Would you love to post data to Parsey and have it join fields, do math or manipulate it in any other way to make it more meaningful to you? Sweet. Create your account and let’s get rockin’.

Parsey is literally the Swiss Army Knife of integrating 3rd party platforms with Infusionsoft. And while there are thousands of use cases out there, it’s near impossible to document them all. If you’re wondering if Parsey can help you integrate _________ with Infusionsoft, just ask your self one question, “Does _________ have the ability to send an email or a webhook?” - If yes, then the answer is most definitely yes!

"In my line of work, “speed to lead” is everything. Parsey helps me stomp out competitors by immediately getting new leads from my inbox into an Infusionsoft campaign in 3 seconds or less... I’m capitalizing on opportunities that previously escaped me due to my busy schedule.The service is rock solid, just like the software."

Erik Ymer

"If you need to integrate any other system with Infusionsoft and have not looked into using Parsey yet, Do it now! This app is one of the most powerful tools for integrating Infusionsoft with other systems out there, as well as improving automation in your Infusionsoft app... saves us tons of time and money and helps us increase our bottom line!"

Jake Dewitt

Success Engine

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