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Create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services without writing a single line of code.

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How does Parsey

Parsey sends leads, customers, and other data to your CRM or sales and marketing platform.


Connect your apps in a few clicks 
so they can send or receive data
 from 3rd party services.


Parse data from emails, email
 attachments, webhooks,
 or hosted files.


Send the data to your CRM or 
sales and automation platform
 with zero manual data entry.


Create new records, update
existing ones and trigger
 any desired automation.

See It In Action

– example work flows –

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Parsey works hard around the clock

Forget writing custom API’s. Forget paying for manual data entry. Do it fast, do it right, with Parsey. Here’s our service by the numbers:

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Hello productivity, goodbye busywork.

Achieve Autonomy

Empower your team to build useful
automations on their own in minutes.

Save Dev Time

Eliminate writing technical scripts 
that break and need ongoing support.

Maximize Scale

Increase cross-department efficiency
and automate processes at scale.

No Credit Card Required