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Use an email parser to eliminate manual data entry.

Email Parser: What is it? How do you create one?

What in the world is an email parser? Let’s change the question… How do I automatically pull new leads out of my emails? How do I reduce data entry from emails?  How do I move new order confirmations into my shipping software?  That’s an email parser. What is an email parser?  To parse something means … Read more
Add your real estate leads to your sales and marketing tool.

How to add emailed real estate leads to your CRM

Buying real estate leads provides massive ROI.  Think about it…  You can spend $40/month for FSBO data or maybe you spend $200/month for Zillow leads. A single real estate transaction from those leads could put over $6,000 in your pocket. (based on the average U.S. home values). Having quality leads is not your problem. Amazing … Read more
there are a lot of benefits to using automation in your business.

The Benefits of Automation for Your Business

The struggle’s real for businesses everywhere. Heck, half of all small businesses fail after 5 years. Of course, all sorts of factors contribute to success or failure. Poor leadership, cash flow conundrums, and economic downturns all take a toll. Success boils down to beating the competition. It’s about maximizing margins and increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness. … Read more
Automate more processes in your business

What Is Process Automation in the Business World?

Whether your business is big or small, you need to keep it running smoothly. And if you’re running a business in the twenty-first century, that means connecting and ensuring that a variety of technologies play nice together. But how exactly do you make this happen without hiring extra staff or implementing lots of complex processes? … Read more

5 Powerful Ways Integrating Software Will Increase Efficiency

Despite the best intentions, IT software isn’t always designed to work together. Developers create programs to suit client needs. But the end result isn’t always compatible. Thankfully, software integration acts as a bridge between these programs. They can talk to each other, exchanging data and creating a single system where you once had many. But what are … Read more

7 Awesome Marketing and Sales Automation Tools

Want to see a nearly 80% bump in conversions? It’s time to upgrade your tools. The speed bump known as inefficiency can drag your business down and cost you up to 30% per year. Using automation tools can streamline the process and put more money back in your pocket. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to … Read more