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What's your New Years' Resolution?

For many, it's achieving Inbox Zero

This technique was developed as a philosophy for approaching email. This technology should be simply that—a way to communicate. Email inboxes should not take over our entire workday and hinder further productivity.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to slim down your inbox and make it work more efficiently is to use an email parsing tool.

Not only will this reduce clutter in your inbox, but it will also help to automate processes to improve productivity. Plus, it ensures no leads slip through the cracks, as can happen with manual data entry.

Keeping up with all of the data in a busy inbox can be a job of its own. By automating this process, more time is freed up for other areas of the business. You can rest assured all customers or potential leads are documented, and information is sent to the correct location for processing.

For more information on how email parsing can make your life easier and the best tool to make it happen this year, keep reading.

What Is Email Parsing?

Simply put, email parsing is the technology that extracts specific data from inbound emails.

Each parsing software will vary. But generally speaking, this technology converts unstructured emails into data that fits your existing schema.

The process is similar to web scraping. However, instead of pulling data from HTML websites, data is scaped from emails.

This data may come from an email's header, body, or signature. With more advanced solutions, relevant data can be pulled from email attachments as well.

Common uses for email parsing tools include pulling information from:

  • Purchase orders
  • Contact form entries
  • Appointment requests
  • Emails sent by lead providers

Especially for companies that rely heavily on email marketing, utilizing an email parsing tool can be a game-changer.

How Does Email Parsing Work?

The exact process will depend a lot on your individual business needs. 

The parsing software is customized to match the information you rely on. You teach the system how to identify this data, whether it be plain text or HTML. From there, the parser will extract this data and send it off for easy analysis and storage. 

Generally speaking, the email parsing process begins with pulling either specific emails directly from your inbox or emails forwarded directly to the parser.

For sales and marketing professionals, the parser extracts leads, customers, and other data and sends it directly to your CRM or other platforms.

Extracting Data From Email to Excel

Pulling information from email to excel or email to Google Sheets is one example of the many uses of an email parsing tool.

Generally speaking, sales and marketing professionals may want to have their parsed data sent to CRM platforms. However, for specific projects or campaigns, you may want to analyze individual groups of data as well.

This is where the email to excel function comes into play.

You can set up your email parser to extract information from a variety of emails. This might include appointment requests, e-commerce orders, or other formats. When the information comes in, the email parsing tool extracts the relevant data.

From there, it is automatically sent to an excel spreadsheet where it can be further analyzed. Plus, this process protects your data by creating a backup record in the unfortunate event of data loss.

How Can Email Parsing Help My Business?

Many people have looked to clean up their spaces throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, inspired by Marie Kondo and her emphasis on decluttering. 2021 will continue to usher in this emphasis on simplifying and reducing clutter.

A good place to implement this change is in your inbox. By introducing an email parsing tool to your company's inbox, you can improve email organization and the efficiency of your automated processes.

Implementing an email parsing tool can help streamline the process of converting leads. From the moment an email hits your inbox, the data is quickly and accurately analyzed to pull out relevant information. From there, the possibilities are endless.

Automate, Automate, Automate

The more areas of business you can automate, the less time and attention you have to dedicate to these mundane tasks.

Using an email parsing system, you can automatically extract relevant data from even the most unstructured emails. This creates an easy-to-understand data file for each inbound communication that fits into your company’s existing data system.

No Need to Code

For those business owners who might not be expert-level coders, an email parsing tool can save the day.

This tool allows you to connect your favorite apps and services to your email programs without the need to write any code yourself.

It’s quick and simple—yet makes a significant difference in your daily workflow.

Pair With Other Business Automation

Another great benefit of using an email parsing tool is the ease of implementation to existing workflows. You can connect your email parser to work with your other applications, thus increasing the level of automation across the board.

Once data is extracted by the email parser, it can then be sorted into appropriate categories. Other actions can be executed based on the data content, based on how you instruct the software to respond.

For example, you can set up a workflow for those who sign up for a specific online course. Once they complete the information form, the incoming email is parsed to pull out the important information.

With the connection of other automation apps, this information can then be applied to your course roster and database. An email can be sent off automatically to provide course materials and more information.

All of this happens without a single human action—and it all begins with the email parsing tool.

How Do I Select the Best Email Parsing Tool?

As with other solutions on the market, there are options for the best email parsing service. However, not all email parsing tools are created equal.

Of course, the data extraction process should be flawless. Whether it be plain text or HTML, there may be relevant data in the body, email address line, or even the signature of the email. Your selected tool should even serve as an email header parser.

Leads and other relevant information can come from anywhere and should be analyzed from head-to-toe.

Moving into 2021, making the most of business time is essential. That said, selecting the perfect email parser can help maximize productivity and lead generation. This is further increased by improving the ability to automate wherever possible.

Be sure to select an email parsing tool that works well with other programs. It’s important to look for a tool that will best fit your business. No two companies are the same. As such, there really is no one-size-fits-all for email parsing tools. 

For the best email parsing tool, look no further. 

Parsey Is Your Solution

Parsey is the ultimate email parsing tool to implement into your business workflows as we move into 2021. Parsey provides a whole host of features, including:

  • Email parser
  • Webhook parser
  • Flexible attachment parser
  • Deep platform integrations
  • Outbound webhook
  • Inboxes
  • Multi-level filters
  • Autoreply
  • One-way SMS
  • Voice messaging
  • Case changes
  • Date conversions
  • Number conversions
  • String trimming
  • Name helpers
  • Address helpers
  • Email helpers

Plus, new features are always in the works.

Parsey is trusted by more than 5,000 companies. There are varying plans for different sized businesses, billed monthly. This way, it’s simple to start off on a more basic plan and upgrade with ease for more automating power another month.

Furthermore, personalized onboarding sessions can help you make the most of your new parsing tool. 

Parsey’s dedicated agents will work with you to ensure you know how to use the software to its fullest potential. Once you get moving, they are always available for assistance by email, phone, or chat whenever you have a question.

Parsey also integrates well with other programs. It works with various CRM platforms, in addition to over 150 applications. This makes it easy to automate entire workflows—freeing up admin time to allow your team to focus on what really matters.

Putting Plans Into Action

Especially as many employees will continue to work from home in the new year, distractions are imminent. Increasing productivity and streamlining workflows are more important than ever.

One of the most simple yet effective ways to achieve greater productivity in the workday is through the automation of admin functions. Email parsing is a great place to start.

Parsey is the key to making the most of email automation.

Check out Parsey for a free trial—no credit card required. See how much simpler your business workflows can become by implementing email parsing technology today!

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