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Despite the best intentions, IT software isn't always designed to work together. Developers create programs to suit client needs. But the end result isn't always compatible.

Thankfully, software integration acts as a bridge between these programs. They can talk to each other, exchanging data and creating a single system where you once had many.

But what are the benefits to your business for using integration? Read on to learn more.

Fewer Errors

Every time staff transfer data from one piece of software to another, the risk of errors appears. All it takes is a wrong keystroke or a decimal point in the wrong place.

These mistakes can be costly. They can also damage your company's reputation. Imagine a customer's order changing from 30 items to 300. 

Instead, one piece of software transfers the data as it is to the next program.

Better Productivity

Not only does manual data entry increase the chance of errors, but it also wastes time. Free up the valuable skills your staff have for tasks that need human intelligence.

It also makes it easier for your staff to enjoy their jobs. You've taken away the boring, repetitive tasks they hate. Research shows that when people enjoy what they're doing, they're more productive.

Save Time

Using a range of programs means your staff have several places to find information. Choosing the right one can take time they could be spending on other tasks.

With software integration, your staff have a central source of all information. Because everything updates in real-time, they can also be sure they're using the most current data.

Advanced Business Reporting

Does your current business reporting look something like this? You need to access six different systems and download data in different file formats. Then you need to run them through another program to make sense of them?

With data integration software, this becomes a thing of the past. You can combine your sales records and email marketing software. This shows you your most valuable customers, who you can target with a loyalty campaign.

Smoother Experiences for Customers

Imagine you're a customer and you've just bought a service from a company. But then you have to wait for the company to send you a contract.

You can't start working together until you sign it. Then you need to send it back so it goes in your record.

Now imagine you're the business they're dealing with. Using software integration, your system automatically sends a contract once they send payment.

The customer returns the signed contract and it automatically goes into your CRM database. That, in turn, alerts an agent to call them and start the working relationship.

Your customers will find this approach almost seamless. This means they're more likely to recommend you to others.

Are You Using Software Integration?

Any one of these benefits makes it worth adopting software integration. But combining all five makes integration a truly powerful business tool.

You'll enjoy accurate data and your staff will get to work on more interesting projects, with fewer expensive errors.

Best of all, your customers get a seamless experience that puts their needs front and center.

It doesn't even take long to get started. With Parsey, you could be up and running in 4-5 minutes. Register now and experience the benefits for yourself.

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