Now you can Integrate 1000’s of apps with Infusionsoft.

Parsey allows you to instantly connect thousands of apps with Infusionsoft so you can build powerful automations and save precious time, all without writing a single line of code.
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How Parsey Works

Create a powerful integration with Infusionsoft using Parsey.
Integrate with Infusionsoft 1.
Parsey receives emails and webhooks from 1000’s of platforms.
Integrate with Infusionsoft 2.
Parsey tweaks, manipulates, or cleans up the data as needed.
Integrate with Infusionsoft 3.
Parsey sends the data to Infusionsoft and triggers automated actions.
Update a contact using Parsey.

Add / Update Contact

Create a contact record or update an existing contact record with any new info. Data can be mapped to both standard fields and custom fields.
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Create a new deal using Parsey.

Create Opportunity

Create an opportunity record with a dynamic title, description and stage. Both standard fields and custom fields can be populated with parsed data.
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Update a contact record.

Update Opportunity

Update an existing opportunity record with any new info, and move it to the proper stage in the pipeline based on actions that occur outside of Infusionsoft.
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Add a new tag using Parsey.

Add / Remove Tag

Apply a single tag or multiple tags to the contact record. Likewise, you can also remove a tag if needed.
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Create a tag in your marketing application.

Create Tag

Use values parsed from emails or webhooks to create a dynamically named tag in Infusionsoft and determine whether to have it applied to the contact record.
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Integrate DocuSign with Infusionsoft.

DocuSign Integration

Dynamically create and send out a unique document. Upon viewing, signing, or declining, trigger the appropriate automation, and upload the signed document to the contact filebox.
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Use Parsey to trigger the goal of a marketing campaign.

Complete Campaign Goal

Make an API Call to Infusionsoft using a unique Integration Name to start or stop sequences with in a campaign. Great for processes that repeat.
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Create an Infusionsoft note.

Create Note

Create a dynamic note, populated with data from any contact field, email notification or 3rd party webhook. This can’t be done in Infusionsoft natively.
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Use Parsey to create an appointment.

Create Appointment

Create an appointment visible from the Infusionsoft Calendar. You set the Date, Time, Timezone, Type, Duration and base the Assigned User on an extracted field or static value.
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Create a new order using Parsey.

Create Order

Create an order record where you define the Order Title, Product, Price, Shipping, Tax, Payment, standard order fields and any order custom fields.
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Parsey can update new orders.

Update Order

Update an order record with any new info to revise the Order Title, Product, Price, Shipping, Tax, Payment, standard order fields and any order custom fields.
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Use Parsey to update the credit card.

Create Or Update Credit Card

Create a credit card record with credentials captured in another platform or update an existing credit card record in Infusionsoft with new info, i.e. expiration date.
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Use Parsey to set the referral parter in Infusionsoft.

Set Referral Partner

Set the referral partner using a Click, Manual or Permanent referral type. Set the referral partner by the referral partner code, email or some other extracted value.
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Parsey can run an Infusionsoft legacy action.

Run Legacy Action Set

Run any action set your heart desires. Many Infusionsoft users still utilize action sets as they contain functionality that can’t be found elsewhere.
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Find an empty contact record in Infusionsoft.

Empty Contact Field

Sometimes you need to empty or clear data contained in a standard field or custom field. This event was built for those times.
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Parsey can attach a file to a contact record.

Attach Email To Contact Record

BCC Parsey or Forward emails from any device or mail program outside of Infusionsoft and have those emails recorded on the contact record alongside campaign and broadcast emails.
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Parsey can attach something to a filebox.

Add Email Attachments To Filebox

BCC Parsey or Forward emails from any device or mail program in order to add attachments to the contact’s filebox. Filter by Type, Size or File Name.
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Use Parsey for split testing Infusionsoft campaigns.

Split Test Tag

Split a list of contacts with a ratio of tags, allowing you to send groups of contacts through different paths to split test multiple sequences in a campaign.
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Add more data into Infusionsoft usign Parsey.

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Infusionsoft Users


Testimonial from Curtis.
“Parsey is awesome! We started using it to collect data from our emails and create new contacts, companies and launch a campaign depending on specific logic. It has saved us a significant amount of time and allows us to spend more time selling. We love it!”
Curtis Funk, Tukios
Testimonial from Robert.
“What a phenomenal app! This has helped our business so much by allowing us to integrate more than we ever thought we could have. They have thought of everything and have really made it easy to integrate. Excellent customer service too!”
Robert Gafa, President Tuxedo
Testimonial from Myra.
“While I am currently trying this software out, I most certainly will be going to a paid account soon. It works so completely without a hiccup and my leads are moving smoothly through the entire system without time consuming manual entry. I am beyond impressed!”
Myra Hall, RE/MAX
“I’m a developer. I can integrate APIs, but why would I when Parsey has it all figured out already. In my first 30 days, I processed 20,000 events (contacts and orders from a 3rd party system) and Parsey handled it like a champ. Not only is the system great, but the people behind it are even better.”
Jason Tinnin, FlowPros

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