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Any Infusionsoft Goal Can Trigger Document Automation

  • Webform Submitted
  • Landing Page Submitted
  • Link Clicked
  • Score Reached
  • Product Purchased
  • API Call Made
  • Internal Form Submitted
  • Task Completed
  • Opportunity Moved
  • Note Applied
  • Tag Applied
  • Twitter Lead Gen Card Submitted

Parsey Will Automate More Than You Can Imagine


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Parsey went through a paid certification process with DocuSign to become an approved developer for their platform. We cover the cost of the API integration, which means our users are NOT required to have an Enterprise plan for the sake of getting access to DocuSign’s API.

A single document uses 2 Active Events and an average of 6 Events Processed. This means you can have up to 12 unique document templates and process 500 documents/mo on the Parsey Professional plan. If you have more than 12 unique document templates or need to process more than 500 documents/mo, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan.

Each company, Parsey, Infusionsoft and DocuSign support their own platform. As you make your way through the set up process, it is pretty clear whether the support request is related to Parsey, Infusionsoft or DocuSign. As the integration creator, Parsey has also produced knowledge base articles and video(s) to simplify implementation. Our support staff is also available to answer questions that may arise in the set up process.

Regarding Parsey, we provide a month-to-month software as a service. We don’t lock users into long-term contracts. All monthly subscription payments are non-refundable. The same is true with Infusionsoft and DocuSign. We highly recommend you read each company’s legal terms.

You can configure Parsey in just 7 minutes. You’ll need your Infusionsoft App name and API Key, as well as your DocuSign login email address and password. Additional time may be spent in DocuSign or Infusionsoft configuring follow-up campaign sequences for the various document outcomes, including: sent, viewed, completed, declined or voided.

Parsey can literally integrate any software application with Infusionsoft, so long as it has the ability to send an email or webhook containing data. Popular use cases include lead vendors, appointment schedulers , live chat and help desk solutions, eCommerce platforms, survey tools and much more. In addition to being an integration Swiss army knife, Parsey also has native features that extend Infusionsoft’s functionality including: email attaching, split testing, field joins, dynamic record creation, and more.

Try it free. No credit card required.