Automatically pull data out of an email attachment and put it into your sales and marketing tool.

What is attachment parsing?

Many businesses receive regular emails with important data or documents attached. An attachment parser can scan the contents of that attachment and automatically pull out specific data

Common Use-Cases

There are hundreds of ways that an attachment parser can save you time and reduce data-entry errors. Here are a few common use-cases:

  • Send real estate leads to your CRM
  • Speed up the fulfillment process for e-commerce orders
  • Automatically start follow-up with form submissions
Automatically parse data that are sent in an email attachment.
Parsey Interface

Create an Attachment Parser

Start parsing your email attachments in a matter of minutes. Simply sign up for a free account, create a Parsey inbox, and send a sample email to it. Once you select the attachment you need parsed, map it to your platform fields and let the automation save you time.

Post-Parse Automation

Parsey goes beyond just extracting data out of your email attachments. Using Parsey, you can filter and transform the data before sending it to your CRM or sales and marketing tool.

  • Split Full Name into First and Last Name fields
  • Filter webform submissions before sending to a CRM
  • Convert dates from one format to another
  • Prevent creating duplicates in your platform with our advanced dupe check
Parsey Post Automation

Do Even More with Parsey

Easily parse, or pull, important information out of an email.

Email Parser

Automate by parsing leads, orders, or other data from regular emails.
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Parsey can parse data our of any webhook.

Webook Parser

Use parsey to “catch” a webhook from your sales & marketing tool.
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Parsey can pull data out of an email and send it to your sales and marketing tool using a webhook or http post.

Email To Webhook

Use an outbound webhook to send data in an email to another platform.
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