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How does Parsey

Parsey sends leads, customers, and other data to your CRM or sales and marketing platform.


Connect your apps in a few clicks so they can send or receive data from 3rd party services.


Parse data from emails, email attachments, webhooks, or hosted files.


Send the data to your CRM or sales and automation platform with zero manual data entry.


Create new records, update existing ones and trigger any desired automation.
Example Actions

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Parsey works hard around the clock

Forget writing custom API’s. Forget paying for manual data entry. Do it fast, do it right, with Parsey. Here’s our service by the numbers:
Parsey has the most reliable email parser available.

Emails Parsed
Parsey has a wicked fast and powerful webhook parser.

Webhooks Processed
Parsey parses thousands of data points each week.

Data Points Captured
Parsey can automate hundreds of manual actions.

Actions Ran
Using Parsey can save you hours of manual work every week.

Minutes Saved

Trusted By 5,000+ Businesses

Keap uses Parsey.Keller Williams uses Parsey.Parsey Integrates with Tukios.Parsey Integrates with Lendvue.Parsey integrates with Regenexx.
Testimonial from Curtis.
“Parsey is awesome! We started using it to collect data from our emails and create new contacts, companies and launch a campaign depending on specific logic. It has saved us a significant amount of time and allows us to spend more time selling. We love it!”
Curtis Funk, Tukios
Testimonial from Robert.
“What a phenomenal app! This has helped our business so much by allowing us to integrate more than we ever thought we could have. They have thought of everything and have really made it easy to integrate. Excellent customer service too!”
Robert Gafa, President Tuxedo
Testimonial from Myra.
“While I am currently trying this software out, I most certainly will be going to a paid account soon. It works so completely without a hiccup and my leads are moving smoothly through the entire system without time consuming manual entry. I am beyond impressed!”

Myra Hall, RE/MAX
“I’m a developer. I can integrate APIs, but why would I when Parsey has it all figured out already. In my first 30 days, I processed 20,000 events (contacts and orders from a 3rd party system) and Parsey handled it like a champ. Not only is the system great, but the people behind it are even better.”
Jason Tinnin, FlowPros
Testimonial from Grant.
“Parsey, what can I say, you’ve saved me countless hours of data input and just as important if not more, you never take a day off, your performance is flawless and all at a fraction of the price. Love this app.”
Grant Van Dyke
Testimonial from Lacey.
“Absolutely love Parsey! I had been searching for a solution to integrate information from forms into Infusionsoft and could not believe how easy it was to do with Parsey. Not to mention the support staff is awesome! Thanks guys!”
Lacey Parise

Hello productivity, goodbye busywork.

Achieve Autonomy

Empower your team to build useful automations on their own in minutes.

Save Dev Time

Eliminate writing technical scripts that break and need ongoing support.

Maximize Scale

Increase cross-department efficiency and automate processes at scale.
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