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Any ClickBank Notification Can Trigger Infusionsoft Automation



Cancel Rebill

Un-Cancel Rebill



Parsey Will Automate More Than You Can Imagine

Create/Update Contact Record

Parsey will either create a new Infusionsoft contact record if one does not exist, or find the existing contact record and update any newly gathered information.

Create/Update Order Record

On Sale and Rebill notifications, Parsey will create a new order record in Infusionsoft. Parsey also updates existing order records in the event of a Refund or Charge Back.

Triggers Campaign Goals

Parsey ties directly into Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder or Legacy Action Sets, allowing you to trigger specific fulfillment and automated follow-up for all transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many products can I integrate?

There is no limit to the number of ClickBank Accounts or products you can integrate with a single Parsey Account. Our base plan ($49/mo) allows for 12 products. If you currently have more than 12 products, simply contact us regarding our other plans.

What is the term of this agreement?

Regarding Parsey, we provide a month-to-month software as a service. We don’t lock users into long-term contracts. All monthly subscription payments are non-refundable. The same is true with Infusionsoft and ClickBank. We highly recommend you read each company’s legal terms.

How many transactions can I proccess?

There is no limit to the number of transactions you can process. A transaction may be any of the following: Sale, Rebill, Cancel Rebill, Un-Cancel Rebill, Refund or Charge Back. Our Jump plan ($60/mo) allows for 3000 transactions each month. If you are currently processing or plan to soon process more than 3000 transactions/mo, simply contact us regarding our other plans.

How long does it take to setup?

You can configure Parsey with one ClickBank product in just 10-15 minutes. Each additional product takes approximately 3 minutes. You’ll need your Infusionsoft App name and API Key, as well as your ClickBank Secret Key. Additional time may be spent in ClickBank or Infusionsoft configuring follow-up campaign sequences for the various transaction outcomes, including: Sale, Rebill, Cancel Rebill, Un-Cancel Rebill, Refund and Charge Back.

What support is included?

Each company, Parsey, Infusionsoft and ClickBank support their own platform. As you make your way through the set up process, it is pretty clear whether the support request is related to Parsey, Infusionsoft or ClickBank. As the integration creator, Parsey has produced knowledge base articles and video(s) to simplify implementation. Our support staff is also available to answer questions that may arise in the set up process.

What else can Parsey do for me?

Parsey can literally integrate any software application with Infusionsoft, so long as it has the ability to send an email or webhook containing data. Popular use cases include lead vendors, appointment schedulers, eSignature services, live chat and help desk solutions, E-commerce platforms, survey tools and much more. In addition to being an integration swiss army knife, Parsey also has native features that extend Infusionsoft’s functionality including: email attaching, split testing, field joins, dynamic record creation, and more.
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